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panel of balance 

 maintaining balance as the summer approaches 

As the Summer approaches  our regular routine and schedule seem  to be become re-arranged. wheterh we are parents with choldren who are in daycamp  or  no longer in school, or even the fact that  the enrichment programs are no longer taking place, all of this changes the balance and patterns to which we became accustomed during the school year.  Somehow these changes  effect most of us, even if we don't have children in school. There is a vibe of holiday and freedom in the air.

Special Guests on the
Panel  of Balance

Over Summer our routines seems to change. Life Coach, Helen Abelesz, will give us solid advice on maintaining our balance during this time.  Helen's passion is helping women feel calm, use their time well, be kind to themselves, recognize their talents, and feel happier.

What more could we ask for? Sounds like we're in for a wonderful summer with Helen's terrific tips.

Nutritionist Nilli Grutman has been passionate about healthy way of life since her teenage years. After witnessing first -hand how a healthy balanced diet can literally save lives, Nilli adopted and healthy way of living . This became her passion and she went on to study Bio-Chemical Nutritional Science at university in California.

When we are out of routine we tend to neglect our diet and healthy eating. Often we try to "spoil" ourselves and the children with various "treats" which in essence do less good then more.
Nilli will help us out with some simple and practical suggestion to keep us on track and maintain a balanced and healthy diet which in turn will keep our family happy and balanced

We all have our ups and downs in life. These feeling can easily creep upon us when our guard is down and we have less structure in our lives.  I will be pleased to boost and balance you with an array of stunning and supportive crystals.

Crystals can really help us maintain our equilibrium and remain as calm and loyal to ourselves despite external pressures

Invest just 45 minutes of your time to gain some fascinating tips to maintain balance in various facets of your life.

This is sure to be a fascinating panel from which you will gain practical tips on how to stay healthy, calm and happy over the summer.

Sign up here for the Panel to maintain your balance during  times of change.

Monday, July 5, 2021
25 Tamuz, 5781

8.30 p.m.   Israel
6.30 p.m.   UK

1.30 p.m.    EST
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This panel will bring together 3 women from varying disciplines who will each give you hands-on tips on how to maintain your blance, whether it be nutrition, family relations or simply within ourselves

Your investment of 45 minutes will enrich you with practical information pn how to maintain your balance over the Summer. 

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