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Panel: Cleansing Trauma 24 12 23

Panel: Cleansing Trauma 24 12 23

Discover how traumas that have been stamped into our system can be released and their ongoing effects reduced. Hear from three women who work to release trauma, each using different, yet similar methods. Sury Malik, comes from a Chasidishe family in Borough Park, she understands trauma too well, having gone through many in her childhood and as a young woman. Sury specializes in language and social behavioural skills. She is dedicated to empowering individuals for successful integration into society and helps people navigate their way in this world. As both an Energy and NLP Practitioner, Sury uses a holistic approach, combined with her skills as an educator, in order to help people address and release their blockages. Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid, a seasoned Bach Flower practitioner, holistic healer and coach for lawyers, brings a blend of experiences to the realm of energy work. Her professional journey, including past roles as a Canadian tax lawyer and an Israeli commercial attorney, provides a unique and balanced perspective on holistic well-being, seamlessly bridging the gap between the practical and the metaphysical. Sat-Sung’s heart lies in helping her clients overcome their challenges while strengthening their focus, energy, and motivation. Gila Slonim, a social worker who spent many years working in the academic world feels that it is a true gift to work with Avnei HaHoshen and crystals. These precious objects are beautiful as well as being powerful tools for assessment and healing. Through the crystals Gila is able to discover which energetic area is blocked, whether a trauma, recent or historic, is still affecting a person. Using crystals Gila is then able to assist in releasing trauma in order to help someone lead the life they would like. She feels that she was externally encouraged to move into this area of healing and that it is important to share the true wonders of crystals, a gift which G'd has given us for our use and benefit.
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