Do you believe that your child has the potential to perform and function more effectively, but various issues are inhibiting him from doing so?

Is there a phobia preventing a loved one from moving forward?

· Would you like to get to the root of physical or emotional issues?

· Do you find that the various concerns that you are tackling are being dealt with in different ways and no one is looking at you as a single unit?

· Has the time come to improve your general wellbeing without taking the conventional medicine route?


Through the use of Avnei HaChoshen and Crystals I will get to the root of the issues that are of concern and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your physical, emotional and mental state. This broad, holistic assessment will then dictate the most beneficial form of treatment in a holistic, non-invasive manner.


“Will the stones work their magic once again? The answer is yes, they worked! These are no ordinary baubles, they are Avnei HaChoshen, they have a power to heal through Hashem it’s the real deal, its “kadosh”.


T. a woman in her 50’s who was initially treated for sleeping problems and then underwent a full assessment to improve her wellbeing.

Gila Slonim conducting an assessment

An interactive workshop will provide a unique journey into the world of the Avnei HaChoshen and Crystals


Enjoy a hands-on experience with crystals to actually experience their accuracy.

Discover how they were used in the times of our forefathers and how they can be used today Find out where they appear in Jewish sources and learn about the energies emitted by these incredible and unique objects.


Workshop and jewellery making session:

Participate in an interactive workshop, learn about the energies of various crystals, and discover how they were used historically. Following the workshop you will be given the opportunity to choose crystals that are suited to your personal needs and then create a necklace or bracelet that is both attractive and energetically beneficial.  

In addition to the energetic value of your new necklace, wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery that you made is an immense source of pride and a great confidence booster.


The jewellery making session is conducted by Hadas Zamir, a gifted designer who has chosen to use jewellery as her method of expressing her talents.


Interactive workshop on the Avnei HaChoshen together with Hafrashat Challa:

The workshop will provide a unique journey into the world of the AvneiHaChoshen and Crystals, where you will discover how they were used in the times of our forefathers and how they can be used today and discover the wonderful connections between the Avnei HaChoshen worn by the Kohen Gadol and Hafrashat Challa. Learn about the energies emitted by crystals and the way in which this can enhance challa baking.


These workshops can help you to create a unique event that is interesting, fun and has Jewish content. It is an ideal solution to upgrade an event.


Workshops are terrific for staff cohesion, and can also be of benefit in a mental health setting and particularly for women at risk or with mental health issues.


“As our sages have taught us, there are many ways in which to learn about G’d, and by seeing the wonders of His creations our faith is strengthened. 

I felt that the workshop on the Avnei Hachoshen and crystals that Gila delivered, uncovered a new perspective about G’ds creations, in particular as the purpose of the stones is to heal and help people. Having heard about this through someone who is religiously observant gives it great credence.  I recommend that you experiment and try this treatment to see that it does indeed provide relief.”

Workshop participant from the Central Region:

“It was fun, unique and fascinating. It was presented with patience and somehow Gila was able to give personal attention to individual participants as well as to the entire group as well as having a spiritual message for each and every one.”


Discover the wonders of the Anvei HaChoshen and crystals during and single lecture or a short lecture series


Uncover the message and power of each of the crystals in the Avnei HaChoshen and learn about the unique message of the Avnei HaChoshen (worn by the High Priest in the Temple) and its implications for us today.  Enjoy the opportunity to touch the past and develop an understanding of the medicinal properties of crystals.

Lectures are suitable for a broad range of groups, whether within the educational system or for retirees, everyone will find it enriching and fascinating.

J. Workshop participant from Bet Shemesh:

“Amazing to learn so much in such a short amount of time. It was well beyond what I had expected. I loved the way the lecture flowed and the knowledge which the lecturer had at her fingertips.”

Gila Slonim addressing large audience
Gila Slonim at an event with tourists from the USA

Looking for an activity which is fun, fascinating and has purpose and educational value?


Celebrating a special occasion?


Looking for an intriguing and unique staff meeting?


Searching for a meaningful activity for a Bat-Mitzvah or other birthday events?

An interactive workshop uncovering the untold secrets of Avnei HaChoshen and crystals,and their distinctive energies is the perfect solution!

Workshops can be tailor made to suit a particular event.  Whether a Bat-mitzvah, a special birthday, 30th, 40th 50th etc. or a women’s evening crystals are always of interest.

Depending on the occassion special elements can be added to create a truly wonderful event with unique content. You could choose to:

Add on a jewellery making session

Lie down with specific crystals and experience their vibrations,

Hafrashat Challa uniquely combined with the use crystals

discover a little more about yourself through the messages that crystals reveal.

All of these and more are options which will create a memorable event!