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Look good,   say it well and feel good about yourself!

Panel: create your best image


Look good,   say it well and feel good about yourself!


  • How to take  great pics using your phone

  • How to project yourself on social media

  • How to feel great within yourself 

Join our FREE Panel  for   hands-on tips to 
be and share the best YOU possible.

Special Guests 

Rebecca Kowalsky is a gifted artist with a sharp eye for beauty, charm and character.  At the age of 40 she followed her passion and moved into the fields of photography and art.  Today she creates stunning Judaica combining her love of the Land of Israel and photography.  In  addition, through her moving photography, she ensures that smachot remain alive for people as she captures the essence of peoples inner joy in her beautiful photographs.

Martine Alperstein is a creative social media marketer & project manager who is passionate about people engagement, reflecting your voice & brand, marketing your message and leaving the right impression.

Martine loves to connect all things - be it people, ideas, strategies, communications, organizations... and so much more.

I will share some great tips, using our beautiful crystal friends, these will give you the confidence to project the image that you desire.

Coming from a diverse background of social work, group therapy, academic planning, fundraising and more I am blessed to have found my beautiful crystal buddies who accompany me throughout.  For me, it is important to share the wonders of crystals, a very beautiful creation of Hashem and I will briefly connect the dots for you and show you that crystals are really "Jewish" .

Invest just 50 minutes of your time to gain some fascinating tips on how to Create Your Best Image!!

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Create the Best Image, both inside and out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021
17 Tevet, 5782

10.30 a.m. PST

1.30 p.m.    EST   

6.30 p.m.   UK  

8.30 p.m.   Israel/Sth Africa

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This panel will bring together 3 women from varying disciplines who will each give you hands-on tips on how to create a really great image of yourself in all senses of the word.

Your investment of 50 minutes will enrich you with practical tools to be, project and share the wonderful you that you are!

 Treat yourself       

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