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Panel: preparing for the geula

You too can make a difference and bring the Geula closer ! 

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As the Three Weeks are upon us, we mourn the destruction of the two Batei Mikdash, Holy Temples.  By learning about the redemption and various elements relating to the Bet Hamikdash, in our own way we will be bringing the redemption closer.
Join our FREE Panel  and together
we will prepare for  the Geula

Special Guests 

Chana Frazin is a certified Aromatherapist with a passion for healing. Chana is the founder & director of The Oil for Me, the line of natural creams and essential oil remedies that she started 8 years ago. 


Chana loves to help women find natural solutions for everyday life from aches & pains to emotions and hormones. 

She lives in the Golan Heights with her husband & 4 children, where life is their product testing field. 

Tziporah  Piltz is a well-known lecturer on the Bet HaMikdash (temple).  She lives in an old Arab stone house on Har HaZeitim (the Mount of Olives) and is part of the group of women called, “Nashim Lema’an HaMikdash,” (Women for the Holy Temple), an organization that raises awareness about the Mikdash and the Har Ha’bayit (Temple Mount).
Tziporah is also a tour guide. She leads tours on Har HaZeitim which overlooks the Temple Mount and is home to 3000 year old Jewish cemetery.

The 12 Avnei HaHoshen were embedded on the Hoshen Mishpat, one of the garments worn by the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) in the Bet Hamikdash.  It is a true zechut (honour) for me to work with these on a regular basis.  Avnei HaHoshen & crystals (and I will explain why I include them together) provide us with anincredible tool for understanding a person's wellbeing and for treating them.

Sounds unusual...indeed. Join me to hear more about how these holy stones can be used in a "kosher" way in our day to day life.

Invest just 45 minutes of your time and together we will strive to bring the Geula closer

Sign up here for the FREE Panel to discover more about
various healing modalities available to you today
Thursday, July 28, 2022
29 Tamuz, 5782

10.30 a.m. PST

1.30 p.m.    EST   

6.30 p.m.   UK  

8.30 p.m.   Israel/Sth Africa

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This panel will bring together 3 people who will each,  share thoughts and information about the Bet Hamikdash thus bringing the Geula closer.

Your investment of 45 minutes will make a difference to you and th entire Jewish nation!  - I'm serious :)
 Treat yourself       

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