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Can you believe that the power of Avnei HaHoshen and crystals have been the door to emotional and physical healing for the past 3,000 years?


Indeed they have!

They worked then and they still work today!



Gila Slonim

The beauty of pretty stones has always attracted me; the belief of unity among the Jewish people has been something that I have always believed in; the desire to help others has been a constant factor in my life. So what in fact do these have to do with one another?

I would never have put all of these together had I not embarked on the special path of diagnosis and healing through crystals.

Having worked as a social worker and in various administrative and management positions the flow of life brought me to a new place and I returned to the world of study. Among the areas of study was group therapy, psychotherapy and healing and assessment through crystals.

I was totally “taken” by the crystals and as I discovered their incredible powers I also learned about Judaism’s endorsement of these magnificent creations. . I began to see a very strong connection between the Avnei HaChoshen, (12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel, worn on the breast plate of the High Priest in the Temple) of so many years ago, and the message of unity among the Jewish people.

After working in this field for a number of years I am still “blown away” by the accuracy of the assessments done through crystals, and their ability to pinpoint so many details about a person’s wellbeing.
The treatment done through the use of crystals is just as riveting. Through correct use of crystals we see the most remarkable changes take place in a person’s wellbeing.

Once I understood the genuine powers of crystals new vistas opened up to me and I began to create jewellery and wall-hangings using the relevant crystal.  It is through the crystals that I uncovered my creative side and have learned about talents that I never knew existed within me.

I am grateful to be able to work in field about which I am passionate and to be able to ease the pain of others using these wondrous crystals.

About Avnei HaHoshen & Crystals

Crystals heal and restore balance in the body by clearing negative energy through their unique vibrational resonance.  Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance due to its mineral content, its inherent geometry and the color frequency that it emits. This in turn matches up with the body’s needs in order to balance and improve a person’s wellbeing.


The use of crystals dates back to ancient times and is mentioned in numerous Jewish as well as ancient Egyptian and other historical sources.  Throughout history, crystals have been used for jewellery and cosmetics, as well as for protective and health purposes.


The Talmud (Masechet Shabbat) refers to the use of the Carenlian stone, known as the Even HaTekuma.  There, the Talmud states that a woman may carry this stone on Shabbat (negating the prohibition of carrying on the Sabbath), in order to prevent her from miscarrying.  This is a clear statement that the sages recognized the medicinal properties of crystals.


In the book of Exodus, there are references to crystals and from here commentaries extrapolate regarding the significance and powers of the crystals.


“There is no stone among the precious stones which does not attract forces from above”

Exodus, Chapter 28 , explanation of Rabeinu Bechaye,


  • Crystal treatment provides effective treatment of physical and emotional problems without side- effects

  • It is an incredible way of looking deeply into the functioning of a person as a whole and enables the discovery of the source of the problem

  • The insights that are uncovered during the assessment can be liberating and beneficial in their own right.

  • The use of crystals facilitates emotional as well as physical treatment.

  • Treatment with crystals is not invasive.



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