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panel of light 

 let your light shine forth

On Shavuot we commemorate    the Jewish nation receiving the Torah.    The Torah is known as our "light", it is our guiding light.

We each have a special light within us, sometimes it is buried more deeply inside and harder to bring out, yet others have discovered the light that they would like to share and that has become their mission.

Special Guests on the
Panel  of Light

Sigy Laredo, Founder and director of JEMS, Jewish Experience Montreal Sisterhood, empowering Jewish women to restore Jewish values in their family and home. Sigy has gone on her own personal journey which she will share with us.  Since the age of 15 she has practiced Kung fu. It was this sport that actually carved out her future, as it was there that she met her husband, who at the time was her instructor. Together, as black belts, they are involved in many communal activities including the instruction of martial arts. Over the years they have worked side by side to build a financial brokerage firm and raise a beautiful family.

Nechama Haskelevich, originally from Australia, has been a Chabad Shlucha at the University of Pennsylvania since 2000. She, together with her husband and children, are the students’ Jewish “go-to” providing delicious meals for Shabbat and Chagim and nourishing their spiritual well-being with innovative activities throughout the year.
Bringing up children on a university campus has given Nechama and her family some unique challenges.

If you know me (Gila) then you know that crystals are my passion and my joy, they bring endless light into my life and the lives of so many with whom I am able to share the wonderous creations of G'd! 

Through the use of crystals I am able to understand what is going on for a person at a really deep level and find the emotional pits that may have caused stress or unwellness.


I use crystals  to treat people of all ages to bring calm, harmony and joy into their lives.

I will have some great tips ready for you so that you can enjoy the festival of Shavuot. That's right, remain alert for the night and get the most value out of the festival of Shavuot where we spend the night learning Torah.

Invest just 45 minutes of your time to hear the fascinating stories of Sigy and Nechama and the way in which each of them have chosen to share the light of Torah.  Hear about some the challenges facing a young family living on campus and of a secular black belt who brings herself and family into the Jewish fold.

This is sure to be a fascinating panel from which we can learn how to identify our light and share it with others.

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As always, I will be raffling off a set of crystals. These crystals will help you remain alert on Shavuot eve and whenever it is that you need an extra boost.
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
29 Iyar, 5781

8.30 p.m.   Israel
6.30 p.m.   UK
1.30 p.m.    NY

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This panel will bring together 3 women from across the globe to add more light into your life and inspire you to let your light shine forth.

Your investment of 45 minutes will enrich you and help make your Shavuot celebrations more meaningful.
In addition there will be a raffle for a set of
"Wake Up" crystals.


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