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Panel: INSPIRED by a mission

What does your work, or other projects in which you are involved,  look like when there is a higher cause spurring you on  and giving you additional incentive to achieve your goal?


Often we find ourselves doing things because we must or we should. Indeed, there are "musts" and "shoulds" in all of our lives.  However, it is also important to add those other projects that are "musts" and "shoulds" from deep within our being. Those projects that we feel are our part of our mission here in this world. Something we may feel it is up to us to share, or something that we believe is incumbent upon us to try and accomplish.


We are going to meet women on this panel who do what they do, on a daily basis because they are motivated from a deep place inside.  Let's find out about how they reached this point and what their struggles have been on the way.
Ladies, join our FREE Panel  and together we will
find the passion within us to do what it is we believe is our mission. 


Special Guests 

Justine Friedman is more then a dietician, she has combined her skills as a nutrition expert with her passion to help women achieve their goals. As a clinical dietician and a mindset mentor, with over 20 years experience in supporting clients, she is able to help women make sustainable and practical lifestyle adjustments in order to accomplish their goals. . Her focus is on empowering women who are over 40 to make the necessary changes to feel confident with their food choices and at peace with food, while at the same time managing their weight without restriction or guilt. She works with women both 1:1 and in online group settings.

Leah Mandl is a cancer survivor and former single mom who created "Emunah Inspired™" as a project that is somewhat business but mostly mission. Leah creates reminders and incentives to encourage people to remain inspired and to have Emunah, faith in Hashem.  Her mugs and stickers are uplifting and inspiring, particularly during challenging periods of time.  Leah's products are available through her Etsy store.

Gila Slonim feels that it is a true gift to work with Avnei HaHoshen and crystals. These precious objects are beautiful as well as being powerful tools for assessment and healing.  She feels that she was externally encouraged to move into this area of healing and that it is important to share the true wonders of crystals, a gift which G'd has given us for our use and benefit. 
I focus on the Jewish aspect of crystals as this for me is the basis from which I began my work with Avnei HaHoshen and Crystals.

Invest just 45 minutes of your time to feel  INSPIRED 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023
2 Shvat, 5783

10.30 a.m. PST

12.30 p.m. CT

1.30 p.m.   EST   

6.30 p.m.   UK  

8.30 p.m.   Israel/Sth Africa

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This panel will bring together 3 women who will inspire us to move forward with our mission in life. 

Your investment of 45 minutes will open up new vistas for you.
 Treat yourself       

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