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Continuing with Corona

It could have been that COVID would cause my business to come to an everlasting standstill.  It actually did get the better of me for the first few weeks. HOWEVER, my passion for crystals would not allow this. I needed to find a way to re-invent myself and a way for the Avnei HaHoshen and crystals to once again twinkle through me and do their amazing work.

A couple of years ago, when I was in Australia I did an assessment on a 45 year old woman. She had a large family and was very troubled about her oldest son’s attitude and the way he was perceived. There were other family issues that concerned her. Worry in particular was a big factor in her life.  I could see this through her choice of crystals and was able to give her crystals to hold and use in various ways in order to help her.

She was amazed by what I was able to tell her as a result of her choice of crystals and how much they improved her quality of life. After using them for a couple of weeks she felt a lot calmer in general and more accepting and understanding of her son.  She was so thrilled with the outcome that she very much wanted me to help her friend “Sarah”.  Alas, I was no longer in Australia.  She suggested I meet “Sarah”on skype. I explained that it wouldn’t be possible because “Sarah” needed to choose stones, and I didn’t see a way of doing it over the computer screen.


After Pesach, I understood too well

that things weren’t going to change

in a hurry and I needed to see what

I could do.  I had nothing to lose

and decided to began with a family

webinar whereby members from

all over the world could participate.

It was outstanding!  We had a blast!

We laughed, we learned…

and we did crystals.

I put a picture of various crystals on the screen and asked participants to choose the crystal they liked.  We were all flawed by the results. Each of the women chose a crystal that had specific meaning for her. That was an epiphany for me. Crystals somehow, project their energy over the screen. People are attracted to crystals that are good for them, just like in face to face meetings.  That opened up a huge world for me, including skype so cleverly suggested by my client above.

I then began doing full assessments online running webinars and courses teaching people how to use Avnei HaHoshen. 

I feel that in one way the world has been closed before me. Travelling isn’t an option right now. However, the entire world is now my playground and people from all over the world are now able to come to my clinic online.

The accuracy of the assessments are incredible and the results have been absolutely outstanding.


I am truly grateful to have been able to pivot my services online. 

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