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5-Session Zoom Course

What is

crystal healing?

How does Judaism

view crystals?

What powers do
crystals have?

If you have clicked to this page, you are interested in discovering more about the wonders of Avnei HaHoshen and crystals. I’m delighted because I genuinely love sharing the amazing qualities of crystals!

We will learn about the Jewish perspective on crystals, which is very important to me. Personally, until this was clear to me, crystals were not an option. Once I understood how “Jewish” they really are I moved into this world with great passion.

What will you gain from this course?

  • Basic skills to identify crystals

  • Understanding of how to use them in your day-to-day life

  • The ability to help others through the use of stones/crystals

  • How to do a basic assessment​?


While in class we will be doing guided imagery using the crystals. This will enable you to really get a feel of the powers of crystals and provide you with an extra something for your tool kit.

During the course you will discover the meaning of crystals and how to do a basic assessment through the use of crystals. This is an amazing tool whether it be in your family life, with friends or in your clinic or practice.

Level 1 Early-bird special
until March 2-9 Adar

A Zoom course: How is this  run ?

  • Prior to the course you will receive a kit of crystals that are clearly set out and labeled.


  • The course is accompanied by weekly handouts.

  • Zoom provides an excellent platform for discussion, presentation and information. It is actually very focusing and therefore we cover the material in a very thorough way.

  • We do “exercises” using the crystals and participants truly experience the energies of the crystals.

  • When working on assessments, we use the “break out room” facility in order to work in pairs and really move forward with our assessment skills.

  • There are always plenty of questions and this is encouraged and done in an orderly fashion.

The next course will beginning in June. there will be 3 modular courses, each one will be 5 sessions.  more details will be uploaded shortly.  If you have questions in the meanwhile please feel free to e-mail

  • Boxes with crystals for the course will be sent to you.

  • Full set of handouts which will be e-mailed to you.


III welcome women of all ages to participate in the course


"I loved being in your "dalet amot" (around you), you have such an incredible breadth of knowledge, I have learned so much from you"

DS, New York

"Your course is the highlight of my week!"

Shula F, Jerusalem

“… I work in the field of fertility.  I have been doing crystal assessments since I learnt from you recently and people are blown away by how accurate in can be. So glad I took your class.”

Annette Green, Modiin

“You opened my mind to seeing things in a very different way. I appreciate that very much. It helped me better understand the language of the stones and the  person who chose them. Thank you so much for such an enriching experience. I am carrying this over in my life and I love how it has changed everything for me. TODA RABA!"

Yael Julanov, New York


“I loved learning about the stone properties and feeling their energy through the exercises”

PM,  Har Nof


“The course was amazing, well prepared and well planned. I really appreciate the handouts”

CZ, Jerusalem


“..It introduced me to something totally new that had been out of my realm of awareness and which I think is fascinating and another form of natural health that I can utilize and iy”H share with others.”

Keren, Bet Shemesh


“I loved learning how stones can reflect the nature of a person and how they tell a story about the person.”

Alice,  Baltimore

Among Participants

Pediatrician, massage therapist, reflexologist, retired women, mothers who are at home with children, homeopath, attorney, and more.

Whether you are interested in broadening your tools in your own clinic, or whether you would like to enrich your knowledge and understand more about these wonderful creations, this course is for you!

In order to participate all you need is interest and thirst for knowledge regarding crystals.


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