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Panel: Empowering Women

Women have wonderful energy and amazing capabilities.  Sometimes we may lack   the confidence, awareness   or  tools to harness and appreciate these energies.


One of the protagonists in the victory of the Maccabim over the Greeks was Yehudit, daughter of the High Priest, Yochanan. Her courage and self-sacrifice in beheading the Governor/leader of the Greek army was a turning point in the war between the Greeks and Maccabim.  
As Chanukah approaches, together, we will celebrate the victory of the Jewish people by understanding the
power and abilities of the Jewish woman.

Ladies, join our FREE Panel  and together we will
Empower Women to share their greatness in the most natural and Jewish way.

Special Guests 

Frimet Yagod has been a Special Education Specialist and Academic Diagnostician for the past 41 years. Her specialties are in Judaic Studies Special Education; -
Visual / visual perception  challenges;  and Hebrew Reading/Language and Judaic Studies  Assessments.


Frimet is the author of the Comprehensive Chumash I.E.P. ; The Chumash Assessment and the Kriah Assessment.

There is a certain attraction that we have to crystals.  Depending on the crystals that you choose we can understand more about your wellbeing.  Did you know that there are crystals that will help you to feel empowered and more confident?  Through the crystals we can actually see  the root cause for example, of lacking of confidence, or other qualities that may be holding you back from stepping into your tools and gifts.

It is a true zechut (honour) for me to work with these on a regular basis.  Avnei HaHoshen & crystals (and I will explain why I include them together) provide us with anincredible tool for understanding a person's wellbeing and for treating them.

Invest just 45 minutes of your time to feel EMPOWERED 

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various healing modalities available to you today
Sunday, December 11, 2022
17 Kislev, 5783

8.00 a.m.     PST

11.00 a.m.  EST   

4.00 p.m.      UK  

6.00 p.m.   Israel/Sth Africa

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This panel will bring together 3 people who will each give us practical tips so that we, as Jewish women, can feel empowered while maintaining our special role of the Jewish woman. 

Your investment of 45 minutes will open up new vistas for you.
 Treat yourself       

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