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 Avnei HaHoshen Calendar


A gift from me to you 

Sometimes I get really frustrated when I forget important dates. Does that ever happen to you?  It happens to me too frequently and I wanted to try and stop this by creating something really valuable and lovely so that I am delighted to record important dates and thrilled each time I am brought back to my calendar; and, I am choosing to share this with you.

Knowing that each month is represented by one of the 12 tribes (the sons of our forefather Jacob, from whom the Jewish nation was formed), and that each of the 12 tribes is represented by one of the 12 Hoshen stones (Avnei HaHoshen), I knew that I wanted to incorporate the 12 tribes and information about the Hoshen stones in my calendar.

This calendar is perpetual in that you can mark down birthdays and other dates that you would like to remember and they will remain on the AHPC as your master calendar.  The calendar is not attached to the year and thus does not have days of the week, therefore it will remain infinitely relevant.


I am excited to share this labour of love with you, as a FREE gift for you to download.  


Or to purchase a beautiful, high quality, spiral bound, hard copy of the calendar please click here.


In the Avnei HaHoshen Perpetual Calendar (AHPC) you will find: 

  • English months

  • Hebrew months, including the Jewish holidays

  • The 12 tribes 

  • 12 Hoshen stones with a brief explanation about each of them and what they can do for YOU.


It is my pleasure to give that AHPC to you as part of my quest to share knowledge about the powers of Avnei HaHoshen and crystals and bring people to a greater appreciation of the gifts of nature that G'd has given us.

Discover how I harness the power of Avnei HaHoshen and crystals to help people navigate the struggles they are facing in life.

Following are a couple of sample pages of the calendar for you to get the to speak, of what the AHPC is all about.

If you would like to download your own free copy of the calendar please fill in the form below. 

To purchase your high quality print version click here.

Enjoy and please send me your feedback. I would love to hear from you.

Download your Avnei HaHoshen Perpetual Calendar NOW

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