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יום א׳, 19 במאי



Panel: Unpredictable Times: Creating Our Own Oasis of Stability

Even though the war, is very much on our minds and in our hearts we are still trying to function and carry on with our lives. Join us on Sunday May 19 2.30 p.m. EST 7.30 p.m. UK 9.30 p.m. Israel

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זמן ומיקום

19 במאי 2024, 21:30 GMT‎+3‎


פרטי האירוע

Join our FREE Panel for some great tips to help you get through this challenging time while remaining as stable as possible.  

Michelle Freedman is a seasoned empowerment coach with over 13 years of experience, certified by both the QSCA and ICCA. Her passion lies in guiding and uplifting women who are 50 and above, helping them navigate pivotal life transitions with grace and confidence. Specializing in areas such as empty nesters, retirement, divorce, bereavement, and self-care, Michelle brings a wealth of empathy, wisdom, and practical strategies to her coaching practice.

Chana Carlbach, an educator, a coach who specializes in intimate relations, Chabad Shlucha and more, has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She has been through her own personal challenges, is a mother of 13, a renowned motivational speaker.


As a social worker and someone who works and heals with Avnei HaHoshen and Crystals Gila Slonim will share insights and down to earth...and from the earth :) tips on how we can work to maintain our homeostasus despite the current situation which the Jewish nation is facing.


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