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Give yourself a treat!! We'll help show you how :)

Panel: time to pamper ourselves

The days are getting shorter  and it's still a  while until we have our next break. This is just the right time to think about ways to  give ourselves a little extra care.
Wouldn't it be great to discover how to treat ourselves  to some extra TLC from within our home and then to go beyond our boundaries and do some extra TLC over yonder?

Join our FREE Panel  for some great in-house  recommendations, as well as some amazing  suggestion way beyond our home environment.

Special Guests on the
Time to Pamper Panel

Nicole Cohen Yechezkel, Herbalist, Naturopath and Aromatherapist.  Nicole makes luxurious natural soaps, creams. and cosmetics. In addition, Nicole runs various workshops, both in person and virtually.

Among the creative work that Nicole does she shares her talent for candle-making and lots more in workshop settings.
Nicole will share some secrets on cosmetic preparation and give us some great suggestions about how to pamper ourselves without even leaving home.

Together with her husband David, Chana Walles runs Kosher Travelers. They offers luxury kosher vacations to destinations in dozens of countries. Their motto is: "have fun, travel, and explore without compromise." They treat travelers to superb Kosher cuisine, introduce them to Jewish culture across the globe and provide the ultimate Jewish travel experience.

Chana will give us some tips for our own travel  and pamper us as we feast our eyes on some of the wonders of the world.

I will share some great tips, using our beautiful crystal friends, in order to help you feel pampered and well looked after.  Remember, when you are happy and feel good about yourself, you'll be alot more inclined to help those around you. 

Coming from a diverse background of social work, group therapy, academic planning, fundraising and more I am blessed to have found my beautiful crystal buddies who accompany me throughout.  For me, it is important to share the wonders of crystals, a very beautiful creation of Hashem and I will briefly connect the dots for you and show you that crystals are really "Jewish" .

Invest just 50 minutes of your time to gain some fascinating tips on how to pamper yourself and just feel great!!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021
12 Heshvan, 5782

10.30 a.m. PST

1.30 p.m.    EST   

6.30 p.m.   UK  

8.30 p.m.   Israel/Sth Africa

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This panel will bring together 3 women from varying disciplines who will each give you hands-on tips on how to give yourself a treat and to receive the pampering that you deserve.

Your investment of 50 minutes will enrich you with some practical tools as you approach the winter. 

 Treat yourself       

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